About LubeUdo.com

We are your online resource for DIY Oil change kits.  We carry a full line of automotive oil, air filters and cabin filters.  We also carry both Full Synthetic and Synthetic Blend motor oils from brands like Mobil1, Castrol, and Kendall.  We ship in a unique lined box that can double as a catch pan for your used oil.  Each oil and filter kit ordered also includes our patented oil diverter (video) that magnetically attaches to you oil pan and redirects the flow of oil straight down into your pan.

Our mailing address is LubeUdo, 12850 Hwy 9 N, Suite 600-121. in Alpharetta, GA 30004.  We can be reached toll free at 855-LubeUdo.

Our mission is to save you time and money by empowering you with the knowledge and supplies to take on your routine automobile maintenance. 

Our videos ensure your success; our unique tools eliminate the mess.

We promote the use of full synthetic motor oils because they ultimately create the greatest savings. Your car will perform better, squeezing more out of each expensive gallon of gas, and you can go longer between oil changes. 

Full Synthetics Improve Performance and require changing less often.

But the benefits don't stop there; full synthetics are good for the environment too by reducing the amount of waste oil generated and fuel burned.  And with each five quart kit, this unique packaging eliminates the need for about a half pound of plastic compared to traditional quart bottles.

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Enjoy the satisfaction that comes with knowing how to care for your car.  We appreciate your business and hope you'll save with us again down the road.

LubeUdo.com is your online source for Oil Change Kits, Air Filters, Cabin Filters and Wiper Blades!