Shell 134 ATF

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Shell 134 ATF

Shell 134 ATF

Shell ATF 134 - Automatic Transmission Fluid

  • Shell ATF 134 is a premium semi-synthetic automatic transmission fluid designed for use in Mercedes Benz 7 speed transmissions

    Meets MB-Approval 236.14
    This product replaces all ATF products listed on MB-Approval 236.12
    This is also approved for NAG2V
    Sport transmissions with wet starting clutch (Models D722.930, 931, 932) and the 7G-Tronic (model 722.9 / W7A 700 / NAG2).

    This can also be used in all 5-speed transmissions with controlled torque converter lockup clutch for belittles with rear-wheel drive (model 722.6 / W5A 580 / NAG1)

    Suitable for Chrysler Crossfire, Sprinter vans and other vehicles requiring Shell ATF 134 or Shell ATF 3353 fluids.

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